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Antieke Russische Ikonen Verkoop – MG9349 Antique Russian Icon – Four Chosen Saints

Please, if you have any questions contact me here. MG9349 Antique Russian Icon – Four Chosen Saints  Russian icon with four chosen saints: From left to right: Saint Blaise patron of the cattle, the Guiding angel, a holy bishop and saint Medost as well patron of the cattle. Mid 19th century, dimensions 31 x 26 cm.

Russian Wooden Icons for Sale Europe 8A Saint Nicolas The Savior Of Mozaisk

    8A RUSSIAN ICON DEPICTING SAINT NICOLAS THE SAVIOR OF MOZAISK This impressive Icon, shows St.Nicolas as the Savior of Mozaisk. In one hand he holds a model of the city, in the other a sword, he used to chase away the Tartar invaders, who time and again were sacking Mozaisk. Christ and the