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Russian Icon Old Testament Trinity – Armory Chamber Moscow

If you have any questions, please contact me here.   9328 Icon Old Testament Trinity – Armory Chamber Moscow Russian Icon Old Testament Trinity – Armory Chamber Moscow. Date: 18th century. Dimensions 31,5 x 27 cm.   Russian Wooden Icon Old Testament Trinity . .

Antique Russian Icons – Birth of the Virgin

  HVB4409 Russian icon – Birth of the Virgin The icon of the Birth of the Virgin is very popular because this icon is given by mothers to their daughters if they are longing to become grandmother. This icon with a heavy gilt and incised background dates back from the reign of Nicolas the second

Antique Russian Wooden Icons To Buy 024 Mother of God and Saint John Chrysostymos

. If you have any questions please contact me here.     024 Icon from an iconostasis depicting in the upper register the Entry of the Mother of God in the Temple and in the lower register Saint John Chrysostymos This 17th century icon has been painted for an iconostasis of a church. In general

Russian Wooden Icons for Sale Europe 8A Saint Nicolas The Savior Of Mozaisk

    8A RUSSIAN ICON DEPICTING SAINT NICOLAS THE SAVIOR OF MOZAISK This impressive Icon, shows St.Nicolas as the Savior of Mozaisk. In one hand he holds a model of the city, in the other a sword, he used to chase away the Tartar invaders, who time and again were sacking Mozaisk. Christ and the

Antique Russian Icon – Archangel Gabriel 17th Century

  Icon depicting the archangel Gabriel holding a discus with XC (Christos) early 17th century in a Moscow school frame late 17th century with The Holy Mandulion flanked by angels and the sun and the moon. In the frame left a soldier saint possibly Saint John and below him an unidentified saint who has been

Antique Russian Wooden Icons Sale 030 King David

. .     030 Icon_ King David from the highest tier of a church iconostasis   This icon depicts King David and originally was placed in the highest tier of a church iconostasis of a majestic church. King David wears a crown and holds a model of the castle of King David in Jerusalem in

Who Is Ricus Dullaert?

Kunsthandel H.W.C.Dullaert is run by its owner Ricus Dullaert (born in Zutphen, the Netherlands 1956). From the tender age of 5 years, Ricus and his twin brother Peter were groomed by their maternal grandmother to become antique dealers. When they were 17 years old the twin brothers exhibited on the antique fair in their home

Antique Russian Wooden Icons Amsterdam MG 5281 Silver Rizza Belonging To MG 5280

MG 5281: RIZZA BELONGING TO MG 5280 In the oklad/rizza a text is engraved saying: “ Donated by the Virgin (nun) Alexandra Feodorovna”. Size 31,5 x 27 cm. This beautyfull hand hammered baroque silver rizza, is dated 1847 and belongs to the Holy Mandulion Icon.   Antique Russian Wooden Icons Amsterdam     .