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Antique Russian Wooden Icons – The Mother of God of Smolensk

. Please if you have any questions contact me here. .     HVB9081 Antique Russian Wooden Icon – The Mother of God of Smolensk This 18th century Russian icon depicts the Mother of God Hodigitria (She shows the way) of Smolensk. The Smolenskaja is a variant of the Hodigitria Mother of God, from Byzant

Old Russian Icons To Buy MG 5287: 18th Century Five Field Icon

MG 5287: 18th CENTURY FIVE FIELD ICON WITH TWO DIFFERENT ELOUSA MOTHER OF GOD TYPES On this 18th century five field Icon we see different holy images chosen by the person who commissioned the Icon. In the upper register left, we see the feast of the Elevation of the True Cross, on the right the