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Oude Houten Ikonen Te Koop Amsterdam – HVB4353 Russian Feast Day Icon

If you have any questions, please contact me here. HVB4353 Russian Feast Day Icon  Palech feast day icon with the outer circle the 16 main feast of the Orthodox Church, in the inner circle 12 scene’s of the Passion of Jesus and in the center the Anastasis of Easter icon. In the outer borders the

Antique Russian Icon Depicting the Archangel Michael

  018 Icon: Russian icon from a church iconostasis depicting the Archangel Michael, second half 16th century, 30,2 x 69,2 cm.   This Central Russian icon depicts the Archangel Michael. In his left hand he holds a discus in his right hand a messengers stick. This rare and early icon still has traces of the