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Large Russian wooden icon: The Life of Prophet Elijah

If you have any questions, please contact me here. Large antique Russian wooden icon: The Life of Prophet Elijah, Old Believers workshop, 19th century, 60x48cm.   Antique Russian wooden icons collection, Ricus Dullaert Amsterdam Netherlands.

Antique Russian Wooden Icons: 031 Icon of Aaron

.   031 Icon_ Russian icon from an iconostasis depicting the prophet Aaron, second half 17th century, 6x50cm   The prophet Aaron is here depicted with a twig of an almond tree. We can find this symbol of new life back in the book Numeri 17, verse 23. This icon once was part of the

Antique Russian Wooden Icons Sale 030 King David

. .     030 Icon_ King David from the highest tier of a church iconostasis   This icon depicts King David and originally was placed in the highest tier of a church iconostasis of a majestic church. King David wears a crown and holds a model of the castle of King David in Jerusalem in