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Antique Russian Wooden Icons Amsterdam MG 5281 Silver Rizza Belonging To MG 5280

MG 5281: RIZZA BELONGING TO MG 5280 In the oklad/rizza a text is engraved saying: “ Donated by the Virgin (nun) Alexandra Feodorovna”. Size 31,5 x 27 cm. This beautyfull hand hammered baroque silver rizza, is dated 1847 and belongs to the Holy Mandulion Icon.   Antique Russian Wooden Icons Amsterdam     .

Antique Russian Wooden Icons MG 5280 The Holy Mandulion

MG 5280:RUSSIAN ICON DEPICTING THE HOLY MANDULION, CIRCA 1700: This Icon depicts the Holy Mandulion, the Face of Christ,not made by human hands. The legend of the Mandulion is similar to the western story of Veronika who wiped the Face of Jesus with a piece of cloth. The Icon is painted in the Style of