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Antique Russian Wooden Icons Sale – MG 9380 Stavrothek1 Procession Cross

. Please if you have any questions contact me here. .   . MG9380 and MG9381: Russian Stavrothek (Procession cross)   The recto shows Christ crucified with worshiping angels and- the image of the Holy Mandulion. On the verso on the horizontal beam of the cross we see the Deesis. The vertical beam on the

Antique Russian Wooden Icons for Sale Amsterdam – IMG 5116 Birth of the Virgin

. If you have any questions please contact me here. . . IMG 5116 Antique Russian Wooden Icon Depicting the Birth of the Virgin Central Russian Revival icon depicting the Birth of The Virgin, 19th century. Revival icons are painted in the 19th century in an earlier style. This icon reflects the 16th century way of icon

Antique Russian Wooden Icons Sale HVB7312 Majestic Last Judgement Icon

.If you have any questions please contact me here.     HVB7312: Majestic Last Judgement Icon 18th century DESCRIPTION OF A MONUMENTAL RUSSIAN ICON DEPICTING THE LAST JUDGEMENT, END OF THE 18TH CENTURY: Central Russian Last Judgment icon with a dizzying array of saints, angels, devils and sinners. Egg tempera on levkas on redwood panel.