Antique Russian Wooden Icons Amsterdam Archive

No 9329 Antique Russian Icon – Mother of God of Vladimir Late 17th Century

No 9329: Russian icon depicting the Mother of God of Vladimir late 17th century. 31 x 26 cm.   Please, if you have any questions, contact me HERE.   .

Antique Russian Wooden Icons Sale – MG 9381 Stavrothek2 Procession Cross

. Please if you have any questions contact me here. . . MG9380 and MG9381: Russian Stavrothek (Procession cross)   The recto shows Christ crucified with worshiping angels and- the image of the Holy Mandulion. On the verso on the horizontal beam of the cross we see the Deesis. The vertical beam on the verso

Antique Russian Wooden Icons for Sale Amsterdam – IMG 5116 Birth of the Virgin

. If you have any questions please contact me here. . . IMG 5116 Antique Russian Wooden Icon Depicting the Birth of the Virgin Central Russian Revival icon depicting the Birth of The Virgin, 19th century. Revival icons are painted in the 19th century in an earlier style. This icon reflects the 16th century way of icon

Antique Russian Wooden Icons To Buy 024 Mother of God and Saint John Chrysostymos

. If you have any questions please contact me here.     024 Icon from an iconostasis depicting in the upper register the Entry of the Mother of God in the Temple and in the lower register Saint John Chrysostymos This 17th century icon has been painted for an iconostasis of a church. In general

Antique Russian Wooden Icons Europe: Icon Depicting an Extended Deesis

. If you have any questions please contact me here.     021 Icon: Russian icon depicting an extended Deesis. First half of the 17th century 80 x 34 cm. This extended Deesis is a very rare icon indeed. Normally a Deesis is painted for an iconostasis and each saint is painted on a separate

Antique Russian Wooden Triptych Icons IMG 5131 Triptych

. If you have any questions please contact me here.     IMG_5131 Triptych   Russian Wooden Triptych Icons Amsterdam Russische Houten Triptych Ikonen Amsterdam   If you have any questions please contact me.   .

Antique Russian Wooden Icons Amsterdam: Saint Nicolas of Mozaisk

  St. Nicolas of Mozaisk Monumental icon depicting Saint Nicolas of Mozaisk. In his left hand the Kremlin of Mozaisk. In his right hand the sword with which he chased away the Tartar invaders. The spirals on the background of the icon are symbolizing that Saint Nicolas is the master over the seas. This early

Antique Russian Wooden Icons Amsterdam MG 5281 Silver Rizza Belonging To MG 5280

MG 5281: RIZZA BELONGING TO MG 5280 In the oklad/rizza a text is engraved saying: “ Donated by the Virgin (nun) Alexandra Feodorovna”. Size 31,5 x 27 cm. This beautyfull hand hammered baroque silver rizza, is dated 1847 and belongs to the Holy Mandulion Icon.   Antique Russian Wooden Icons Amsterdam     .