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Russian wooden icon: The Life of the Prophet Elijah

If you have any questions, please contact me here.   Russian wooden icon depicting the Life of the Prophet Elijah, Old Believers workshop, 19th century. Dimensions: 31,2 x 27 cm.   Russian wooden icons collection for sale, Ricus Dullaert Amsterdam Netherlands.

Antique Russian Wooden Icons for Sale – Mother of God of Passion

Please if you have any questions contact me here. . MG9326 Russian Icon depicting The Mother of God of the Passion The Russian name is Strastnaja, after an old convent for women, where an icon of this type was venerated. The origin of this type is Byzantine. Feast day of the icon: August 13th. Egg temper on

Antique Russian Wooden Icon For Sale Depicting Deesis IMG 5130

. .   IMG 5130 Russian icon depicting Deesis If you have any questions please contact me here.   Antique Russian Wooden Icon For Sale Icons Ricus Dullaert Amsterdam     .