Antique Greek Icon with Theme The Annunciation

Greek icons: Triptych with theme The Annunciation

Greek icon: Triptych theme The Announcement

Greek icon: A Triptych from the Estate of Prince Juan Carlos de Bourbon de Parme with closed wings. Theme on the outside of the closed wings is the Annunciation, the Archangel Gabriel tells the Mother of God that she will be the Mother of the Messiah. On the left wing: we see the Archangel Gabriel; on the right wing the Mother of God. Inside on the left wing we see Saint George the dragon slayer, one of the most famous great martyrs, depicted. On the right wing we see Saint Demetrios of Thessaloniki: The Central theme of the Triptych: the Mother of God Hodegetria. “She who shows the Way”. The Virgin points to Jesus: The Way, the Truth and the Life. This icon is a so called ” Revival” icon. A icon executed circa 1900 in the style of the 17th century. Dimension with closed wings: 21,7 x 12,3 cm. Dimensions with open wings: 21,7 x 22,2 cm.