Antique Russian Religious Art for Sale: Antique Wooden Sculpture Saint Nicolas


IMG 5151_sculpture St. Nicolas

IMG 5151 Sculpture St. Nicolas


IMG 5151 Saint Nicolas – Antique Russian Wooden Sculpture

Rare three dimensional icon depicting Saint Nicolas Savior of Mozaisk, second half 17th century. Three dimensional icons have been made in Russian in a few exceptional cases as for instance the three dimensional icon of Saint Nils of Stolbensk and of Saint Nicolas Savior of Mozaisk. The oldest example of this icon once was placed in a kiot (case) above the gate of Mozaisk to protect the city against the Tartars who ransacked the Russian cities in the 14th till 16th century. Dimensions: 36 x 26 cm, with a silver sword.


Antique Russian Religious Art for Sale

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